Data security - can Bubble employee access data?

Just a quick question. If I setup privacy roles on the data, is that data only accessible by the admins/user I create and give access, or can an employee of Bubble access the data still?

Thanks in advance!



If I understand correctly, bubble is built on bubble, so they I would tend to believe they have access to your DB.

The site is built on Bubble, I don’t know if the app editor is. I’d be a bit annoyed if it was, honestly, because there are some handy tools and features in the editor that aren’t available to Bubble users.

Hey guys, we do access data in response to bug reports. We log the team’s access to user apps, and we monitor to make sure people aren’t abusing their access for non-business purposes. We’re currently in the midst of auditing and strengthening our privacy policies and practices, so our answer here may evolve over time in the direction of even stricter controls, and we’ll share updates as soon as we have something to share. If you have specific regulatory concerns with access to data, we’d urge you to contact support to see if we meet those needs. We’ve had to tell people in the past, for instance, that we can’t support HIPPA compliance on our platform yet, although again this is something we’d very much like to support in the future.