Data tab - For what the Privacy tab stands for?

Hello !

Data Types and App Data are obvious in the Data tab.
But I don’t understand for what Privacy stands for ? and in which case it should be used ?
If I don’t define a role for these data, are there accessible from users knowing how to use bubble ?..

Does anyone get the answer ?

This is to set up security rules once your app gets bigger. For instance, if you’re building facebook, you want to define a rule so that pictures where a user is tagged can only be seen if the user is the current, logged-in users. These checks happen on the server so it’s a safer way than just putting this in the searches.

Generally speaking though, this starts to be important when you’re handling sensitive data and start having significant traffic.

I really don’t get it, do I need to set this rules because the data of the app is not secure? or just for the sake of the speed.

My app compares the data from current user to all the other users to show only relevant/similar users. I am restricting the searches with conditions etc… is it better to do it through this rules?

it is confusing for a not technical users, thanks in advance!!