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Data type from text box but still visible in the "data"field

Hi All;

I created a data type called “X”, and when I was working in a text box, I mistakenly deleted that data type.

Now, when I open a text box and click on “insert dynamic data”, that data field doesn’t present itself.

I can still see that data type with all the other data types that I created on the data homepage but now I cannot insert that field or use it anywhere in text boxes within the app itself.

Any suggestions on how I can retrieve it?

Thank you.


Can you provide us with a link and tel us which data field it is?

Good morning Raymond;

Thank you for the assistance.

I’m not sure how best to give you a link to my instance of bubble but in the interim here are a couple of screenshots:

I have this data field “lastpage_offer_details” created as a data type

But when I want to insert it as dynamic data, it’s not available:

Thanks again, hope that helps and please let me know how I can send you a link.