Database organizing

Hi. I need help for organizing my data type and fields.

For a data type “Patient”, I need to have “Patient Profile (age, gender, contact number)”, “Medical History(allergy, medical condition)”, “Dental history(last dental visit, last procedure done)”.

Should I create a new type of “Patient profile”, “Med History”, “Dental history” and link them to the “patient”? Or it’s better to put all the fields on “patient”?

I recognize that putting all the fields under “Patient” will create many fields (about 30fields) but more straightforward than creating different types and linking. What would I benefit if I create different types then link to patient? Is the loading time the same?

Hi there!
I think the common wisdom here is Bubble is ment to have many ‘things’ instead of one big database.
There is quite a lot written in these two posts about database management:

Hope that helps!

You should really be very careful using Bubble in its current form for medical records. It would be easy to break Medical record storage laws. I love Bubble, but just know that the base Bubble storage method is not in compliance with US record storage requirements.

Will be using it here in Philippines. I don’t know if there are laws here regarding dental record keeping. Will look into that. Thank you.

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Ah ok. Magandang idea yan. My asawa is Filipina at siya ay nagtatrabaho bilang doktor dito sa Amerika. She doesn’t know of any laws in PH regarding records.

Actually there is one. Philippine Dental Act of 2012. But I think, it’s not properly or strictly inplemented. My dilemma now is should I continue on my project of creating one with the target market of dentists and my own clinic or find a different path.

Another plan is to do it in bubble and use it for my clinic then use it as a mvp then have some technical people clone it for me to host it on different hosting/platform.

I think I need some adviser/mentor on this field. :joy: