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Database- Storing user data from multiple form groups for the same item

Hello, I need help guys.
I am creating a form which gathers user data. The form group which have input for initial data like username and others are visible on page load. However, subsequent from groups are hidden and set to collapse when hidden. The challenge here is, how do I store user data from, for example, form group A which would have a button to call the subsequent form group, hold on to it and also hold on to all the other subsequent user data through to the very last form group, which I would have a submit button which will then finally create the ITEM in the database?


Hi there, @ericwillcampbell3… are you familiar with custom states? If you aren’t, do a search of the forum (or just a Google search) and learn about custom states because they are likely the answer here, and there is a ton of content out there that can help you with them.

In a nutshell, though, when each button is clicked to show the next form group, you will set custom states to the values the user entered in the current form group, and you will use the custom states’ values when you finally create the item in the database.

One thing to keep in mind is that custom states are reset when the page is refreshed, so there is the potential for the user to lose the information they entered if they refresh the page before they submit the form. If you don’t want that to happen, you would have to create the item in the database at the beginning of the process and save the values to the database as they are entered on the form (or when each button is clicked to show the next form group).

Hope this helps.


Thanks… I’m just getting started in bubble so I get lost a lot

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