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Database Structure Help

I’m trying to create a database that has two user types. One user type can create “listing” pages from a form shown once they are logged in. The “listing page” will have “names” which can be upvoted and new “names” can be added through an input on that page. The “listing” page will also show the username of the “user” who created it at the top.

Any help laying out this structure would be very appreciated.

You can easily create an attribute on the User table with a “type”.

Then control what pages are shown or what data via this.

That’s correct, use conditions on a ‘the page is loaded’ event to control some values on the current user.

I’m still not sure of the structure for the database and what to make it search for on the listing page so that it only shows the Creator of that listing’s page at the top.

Also I cannot figure out the repeating order search so that it shows the names only for that particular listing.