Database Triggers Not Firing

Our database triggers are not firing in any of our test branches. Still firing for our live app, but we’re afraid to push an update in case that sends it to live.

We’ve tested extensively and isolated the issue to our database triggers. Even a database trigger with no conditions on it doesn’t trigger no matter how the object it is watching is changed.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior?


Earlier today I had some in live not triggering, they were delayed like 10 minutes then finally triggered


We’ve been testing for hours and they never trigger for us at all.

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Dayum I love database triggers but they scare me sometimes


Same here. Same here.

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Just did a quick test after seeing your post. I have a trigger configured to send an email whenever a new thing is created, and I got an email pronto after creating a thing (in version-test).

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Thanks. Super strange behavior. Still happening for us.

What if you do no condition at all?

Still doesn’t trigger. Tested with a bunch of different things.

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Hey @aj11

Are the triggers meant to create/modify/delete the same triggered thing with backend actions?

If so, these will not trigger

Try moving the action to a custom BE workflow and see what happens

I have the same issue and I have a support ticket with Bubble.

My triggers just stopped firing for some reason in a branch.


I’ve tested with modifying a different thing, just sending an email, or nothing (and then looking at logs).

These are database triggers that have been working for over a year. No changes were made to them.

It may be an issue just with branches.

Create a new app; add one trigger; test; publish to live; add a branch; add one trigger; test; merge; publish to live.

Hopefully the above surfaces at least the theory that live works … if it works.

At the very least, you can share your findings with Bubble Support which hopefully helps them fix this

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Like just 2 days ago or so?

Yep! Right about that timeline. Two or three days ago.

Do you happen to be using a drag and drop element in the step beforehand btw?

Nope. It’s a simple database write from a basic form submission.

Cool! Support is currently saying they think it’s an issue with the way we are using draggable elements, which sounds confusing, just wanted to check.

I’ll do some more test examples with just click based workflows and send it to them, hopefully they sort it soon.

UPDATE: This is occuring in our live application as well now. It is a bit less severe, with a roughly 66% failure rate on the triggers rather than 100% failure in our test environment.

I’ve also identified that this seems to specifically affect when there is more than one DB Trigger on the same thing in the database.

So if you have three identical DB triggers:

Trigger 1: Fires about 99% of the time.
Trigger 2: Fires about 2% of the time
Trigger 3: Fires 0% of the time.

I can’t figure out what determines that order. It definitely doesn’t seem to be the creation date of the trigger because I added a new trigger for testing, and that’s the one in position 2 firing about 2% of the time.

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BTW are you still on legacy pricing or on the new WUs?

Do you have multiple DB triggers on the same datatype and these are the ones sometimes not firing?

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