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how do I calculate the number of hours between a date range?

The formula I am using works when the date is the same (10/6/20 7 am to 10/6/20 7 pm) I get 12, however, once I switch it to another date the calculation is wrong (10/6/20 8 am to 10/7/20 8 pm) I get 0.

I searched the forum and haven’t been able to find a clear answer on this. Please help.

Hi @jas2jamili,

It would be helpful to see the Bubble expression you’re using. It should literally be as simple as subtracting one date from another and then formatting the result in hours.


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Assuming your date range parameter name is “example_range”, it would go like this

example_range:end - example_range:start :format as hours

Be advised you used the term “range”, this is a reserved word. As there’s actually a Bubble datatype of “date range”, which I depicted. This would work however for any two arbitrary and unlinked date values.

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Yeah, good point. To expound a bit for anyone coming across this post, a date range is a span of time bounded by two dates - the start and end (which @anon38627393 referenced). Once you have 2 dates, finding the difference is just subtraction, and it’ll be either zero (exactly the same date), positive, or negative.


sorry for the late reply guys. It worked using the :format_as_hours logic (thank for your willingness to help. cool plugins)

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