Date format in database

Is it possible to not have dates automatically append the time (Bubble defaults to 12:00:00AM) in the database? I just want to add MM/DD/YYYY to the DB, but Bubble automatically adds the ‘12:00:00AM’ to the entry when added to the database

hi, could you go into more detail for your use-case please?

Date are UTC format that include hours min sec. So when you enter a date in DB, Bubble will complete missing info. To display it the same way, use :formatted as and choose the correct option.

Right, I understand how to format it correctly, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to actually remove the time in the database. When I added the dates, all I added was MM/DD/YYYY but Bubble automatically appended the ‘12:00:00AM’

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Yep no problem. When dates are added to my database, they are added in the format MM/DD/YYYY but Bubble automatically appends the ‘12:00:00AM’… My use case is a marketplace that requires customer availability (i.e., dates) so the app needs to be able to query the dates (without times appended) to return valid availabilities to users.

Like I told you, you can modify how the date is displayed but not saved (in date field). A date containt a full date information, not just day month and year.
if you want to only store the Y/m/d, use a text field.

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