Date Format / Timezone Issue. Incorrect date parsing / zulu time

I am getting data from an external API that includes an “updated_at” field, which is an ISO format date at UTC -eg
"updated_at": "2023-05-07T11:57:42.994900"

I think it should really have a Z at the end to dictate zulu/GMT time, but its not there.

My Bubble API Plugin gets the data fine, and retrieves the field as a date.

When I insert that data into the Bubble database, it ends up being -10 hours difference. (I am in GMT+10 Timezone). Its writing that example to the DB as
"updated_at": "2023-05-07T01:57:42.994900"

I figured that Bubble looks at the data as being in “my” timezone, and then writes to DB as real UTC time, so writes it as -10 hours. When Bubble displays the data written (in my timezone), it appears as:
7 May 2023, 11:57am (at GMT+10)

when it SHOULD show:
7 May 2023, 9:57pm (at GMT+10)

I am doing the updated via a Backend Workflow.

Its got to have something to do with my user/browser as its picked up my timezone at GMT+10.

I found recent update to Bubble v22, has controls to set the Time zone ID of the actual workflow. I have set the workflow timezone to be UTC, but it makes no difference.

Ive also tried setting timezone ID to other areas, but it still makes no difference.

Somehow the date data is still being adjusted based on my current time zone.

Ive tried looking for the timezone of the app, but that doesn’t seem to be a setting.

I have also tried reformatting the date as a string, and appending a “Z” to the end, but that converts it to a string, and won’t accept the update into the final date field:

Any ideas on how to get this date data written to DB correctly?

Well, I didn’t get into details of your problem, but I faced timezone issue some time ago and ended up using a plugin. Just search for timezone keyword on page.