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Date initial content data type

This is such a noob question I feel embarrased…

In the ‘Initial content’ of the date picker, what is the format I need to have to have this be 01/01/2017 unless changes…


I tried 1/01/2017 but I have a feeling that’s wrong… (of course it’s wrong it didn’t work)


Your initial content should just be a date value. Formatting it converts it to text, which will then make it incompatible. So just keep that as a date value (like current date/time) and then remove the style to reveal the formatting options. See screenshot.


Thanks for the response. I still can’t set this date to 01/01/2017… I’m trying to find the delta between two dates, basically Current Date and 01/01/2017…

My thinking is to have a date picker with a default (initial content) value of 01/01/2017 and then just subtract Current Date/time - Date/Timepicker A: formatted blah blah

Is this possible?

I was kind of able to do it by setting an input to 01/01/2017 and then setting the initial content of the date/time picker to that field… it works but it’s not pretty

If there is a better way I’d love to hear it.


Okay I think I got it. I made an input field and saved the start date from the picker to a data thing. I then use this data thing whenever/where-ever I want. Thanks a lot for the help Gaby. Love the newsletters :slight_smile:

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