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Date picker display


Is it possible to improve the display of the date picker?

Currently, we can see that the D of “December” is toucher the black arrow, the 5 of 2015 is partly hidden by the other arrow, etc. They are several little glitches. Is there a way to fix that?

Do you need the date picker to be that small?
If you can make it wider, it’ll adjust and look great.

Thanks cho! When I make it wider, it is displayed nicely! Problem solved!

By any chance, would you know how I can integrate this date picker in a Bubble app:

Demo is here:

It is a Material Design skin for date picker.

I don’t get it, it looks to me like an input element not a date picker.

You can easily recreate this using an input element and the style editor.
You can also customize the look of the date picker by clicking on Edit Style under Appearance.

Adding this kind of plugins is feature request. We can add that on a custom basis, please get in touch if that’s important.

At some point we’ll enable people to code their own elements, using the jquery plugins they want, but this is a bit early at this stage.

Just to clarify what seems like the answer to OP’s initial question, it seems that its not possible to customise the display of the date picker (elements that open once a user clicks on text field)?