Date/time PIcker forcing scroll to

I’ve confirmed this behavior on another app of mine. Anyone have any idea?

I got space like this in iOS when I edit data, cancel and edit again. 1 inch at top. No clue. It’s kind of auto scroll down.
EDIT: I found the problem: An Animation action (old one) that was causing the problem. (solved)

Same issue here. Have you put in a bug report yet?

Is this still an issue? If yes, can you share if it’s on a particular browser/device or all?

It does this on Chrome, but not on Safari for me.

Yes, still an issue. Chrome/Win10

Too tired to fill out a bug report :tired_face:

Yes this is an issue that I have found also on a date time picker (Chrome/Win10 also). Is this a bug???

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Thanks, we’re investigating.

Is there any update on this @neerja. Do we need to file a bug report?

Observed the same with date picker too. Definitely a bug.

Our developers are reviewing existing bug reports for this. Will keep you posted on a fix.

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We have pushed a fix. Please let support know if you run into the issue again.


I am still having issues with the scroll. Now works sometimes but other times still scrolls


@neerja do we need to create another bug report or is this being looked into again? It is definitely still an issue

Looks like some apps are not reflecting the fix, so a bug report for your app will be helpful.

@neerja. Another bug report done. Thanks

Hi @neerja I am having this issue. Is there any update on this?

I’ll fill in a bug report

Hi everyone. I am too having this issue. Anybody have any news about this?