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Hi Bubblers !
In my App Db, there is a FIELD of Type ‘List of Texts’, which is used for storing data from Multiple INPUTS while using Separator ’ / '. This data contains values from various ELEMENTS such as INPUTS, DROPDOWNS & DATE/TIME PICKER.

From the above FIELD, I want to check matching ‘Case-number’s value’ & then use the corresponding DATE/TIME PICKER’s value to set MINIMUM DATE of another DATE/TIME PICKER.

how can this be done ? (screenshots attached)
1  Field as LIST_OF_TEXTS
2  DATE in TEXT Field

Once you’ve:formatted a date type it will become a text type. Minimum date is expecting a date type.

There are a few ways to go about this but i find that the easiest to me is to instead use :extract UNIX instead of :formatted when storing a datetime as text.

To convert the UNIX back to a date type there are 2 ways.

. Use a plugin UNIX to date (forgot what it’s called)


. Set :arbitrary date to “January 1st, 1970 00:00:00” :+seconds (UNIX/1000)

That’s what I do anyway, I’m sure there’s a less tedious way.

Thanks !

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