Daylight Saving Time

Hi, we are approaching the end of the Daylight Saving Time in the US. It ends on Nov 5th.

If a user in NYC today uses a datetime picker to store a datetime in the db with the date Nov 10 8am.
What will happen if this user is going to look at this date after Nov 5th ?
Will he see Nov 10 8am or Nov 10 9am ?

Bubble stores date/time in UTC on the server, then adjusts for your timezone when displayed.

So it should cope (so 8am is 8am still). Whether you want it to adjust or not, is another matter. Mostly you will.

My question is the other way around.
In setting a date/time picker value in New York today - is the value of “8am, Nov 10th” converted to UTC using EDT (current timezone) or EST (Nov 10th timezone)?

Oh, I see.

So I think what will happen is that 8am will remain 8am until 5th November, when it will switch to be 9am. But as your clock has also gone back, it will be the right time.

I think :confused: