Default map marker behavior with Google Places

I’m developing a simple map query app that allows a user to input an address (or select from a dropdown) in order to get some simple statistics about real estate in the zip code where that address is. The map itself is powered by Google Places.

The workflow is fairly simple, and the map search works well when the user directly inputs an address. However, I have one challenge that is stumping me.

What I would like to do is have the map initially load the user’s current address:

So that by default, the user sees information for their current location.

When I run my app, the search bar does populate the current address (within a few houses, which is fine). However, no map marker is placed by default and the map instead loads the default location of New York City:

If I were to then search for an address, the map works as desired.

Any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong?

Hi samudzi,

When you click the map element to see its options, what content type and markers are set up?
For me it works with this setup (current geographic position:
When the page loads, the user must confirm that it is ok for the page to take their geographic location

Alternatively you can go data and user and create a new field for user called location: type geographic address and on page load have this be updated to the current location. To add the workflow click the orange below.
On the map then show current user’s location.

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I actually switched to using googlemaps (bdk) plugin for the map because I also wanted to toggle transit and traffic layers. Was able to get it to work as desired with that plugin.

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