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'Delay' in Workflow Actions with Zapier

Has anyone figured out how to put a ‘Delay’. in Workflow Actions?

In Bubble I can select ‘‘Interval’’ of X seconds, but I can only have it as a Event, not in a action inside my Workflows.

I could use Zapier, they have a wonderful ‘Delay by Zapier’ action, wich I activated, but what (if any) do you actually fill in in the Bubble Trigger fields?

The actions Í’m running in my Workflow are SMS texts, and I would like to have a Delay in minute form between them.

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Yes, you need to look at how Bubble can trigger a Zapier action.

Set up the Zapier plugin in Bubble, and you will get a webhook id to use in Zapier.

You will also need to find the Bubble plugin for Zapier, which is in beta but there is a link in this thread.

Set up the action in Zapier …

And then run your delay.

Thnx for your reply, did you take a look at the screenshots? :smile:

I already did that, the delay action by zapier, the webhook etc are all filled in, I just need a trigger for Bubble.

I have send smstext as my actions in my bubble workflow, --> then delay --> send (another smstext) etc.
However I need to fill a Bubble trigger in one of those 2 fields you see above in the screenshot.

Sorry, was rushing. Clearly you have got that far :slight_smile:

You can pass data in parameters from the Zapier plugin.

Yes, but wich?

I really wouldn’t know what to fill in in any of those fields, since, I already got my smstexts in my workflows. (see screenshot 2).

You don’t have to send anything.

So you call Zapier from Bubble. Delay. Then call a Bubble API workflow that sends the SMS from withing Bubble.

You would need to pass in the data to send the SMS to the right number.

But…why not do it all in Zapier… so trigger a Zap that does SMS…Delay…SMS… delay…

So with ‘‘calling zapier from bubble’’ you mean ‘trigger a zapier zap’) (with my webhook in it) & ‘calling a bubble api workflow’ a ‘send sms text action’ in my workflow, am I correct?

Isnt that what Im doing here?

The reason I don’t do it all in Zapier is because I have a lot of texts, this would cost a lot of unnecessary zaps and tasks. I use blockspring in the ‘send text message’ actions in my Bubble workflows.

Yes, but I think you will need to go out of bubble… wait… then come back in via the Bubble API.

Not sure you can make bubble wait in the middle of a workflow.

But you could do the same thing by scheduling API workflows from bubble.

Is scheduling API workflows from Bubble a Professional and up feature?

Because I cant access it on the Personal plan.

Anyone know how you could do this function of a Delay in time, with Bubble instead of zapier? The only action that makes sense is Interval of X seconds, but you can only have this as a Event, not as a action in a workflow

Actually I found the scheduling API workflows in the API section, was right in front of me and I overlooked it.

But how would you create a Delay by X seconds as a action with Scheduling API workflows?

You could look at scheduling the workflow event for current date + x seconds ?

I really am kinda lost at how to set that up.

Do you have any suggestions on how you would set that up as a action in between smstexts in a workflow?

Forgot to add this screenshot with it

You custom event will be the one to send the SMS, not this workflow.

So you would have several “Schedule Events” set up for the various delays.

It sort of looks like you are trying to make the workflow wait … and then send an SMS … and wait.

When what you want to do is fire off a bunch of API workflows in the future and the go to “thank you page”. Otherwise the user will be waiting a long time !

I think I understand what youre saying, so if I understand correctly…

The workflows Ive been setting up with the smstext’s in them, must actually all be Custom Workflows, and I should have a seperate one’s of them with a ‘schedule event’ -> delay of x sec in it?

So this must be a custom workflow?

If this is correct, it would mean I need to have * A LOT* of seperate workflows, and redesign my entire workflow Ive been creating. Because I already have a lot of seperate workflows.

Thanks for your help by the way, I really appreciate it, I’m already live with the app, so I’m a bit struggling to implement this delay while a bit in a hurry.

Hhmm… I think it is a safe assumption to make that I would be better off doing Delays via Zapier then via Bubble’s Schedule events, wouldnt it?

That would be my first thought, yes.