Delete image not disappear from repeating group

when i upload new image and added it to the existing old images ,it works fine and display on the repeating group and saved to the database BUT , if i click on the delete icon , the image successfully deleted from the database BUT the image show that it is empty [ not delete but act as it hidden ] for example if the total image number in the repeating group was 3 and after i click on the delete icon [ without close the pop up ] the image will disappear from the database and from the repeating group but the icon [delete ] will remain exist and the repeating group will still count 3 images not 2 [ even after i delete the mage ]

Note : After i refresh the page or close the image the delete icon behave correct !!

any help really appreciated , i need to understand why when i click on the delete icon the image not removed from the repeating group !!!


Best Regards and thanks in advance


You need to restore the custom state to “default/empty” not to Delete the current cell´s image.

I’m not 100%, but try that.

Thanks a lot for the idea @ danielolssontrbg87 , how i can restore the custom state to " default / empty " , i made the custom state looks like this , but it is also not working !

Note : if i use in the work flow " delete current cell’s images , it works correct only if i close the popup or refresh the page !

Its a little tricky to say for sure, but it sounds like you need to remove that item from the list or in this case the custom state…do you have a link to your editor handy?

Hey @luke2 sure :

Hi @ciscotreasure

I’ve had a quick glance at the app - its hard to say exactly the cause without editing a bit to test, but seems to be an issue with a custom state workflow somewhere. I can see your logic with the custom states, but could be simplified without them, but maybe you’ve used them for quicker processing.

I’m happy to have a more in-depth look, but I’d need to have editing permissions. Of course understand if you are not comfortable with this, but you could duplicate your page or app and PM if you wish.


@luke2 thanks for the reply , it it fine you can give it a try , i made this app for testing and you can use the editor

Hey @ciscotreasure

Okay should be sorted, give it a test (delete takes a while as added workflow to delete uploaded file URL)


@luke2 thanks a lot for the help , really appreciate your effort and time , it is really nice to see the delete feature work , i surprised actually to see that you used "delete upload file " in the work flow to make it work !! BUT yes as you mentioned the delete image takes time .which is not good for user experience . do you think there is any other work flow modification can help to make it work faster !!
Thanks again

@luke2 i have removed "upload file " from the work flow , and select " reset Group " option as in the screen shot and it works fine , Thanks a lot for your help and support

Your welcome. Yes it was the reset action that needed to be present and of course the set state minus the item. The deleting of the uploaded file is an added workflow thats not necessarily needed, but go house keeping.
As for the delay you could trigger a custom event to run in the background or an easier way is to show then hide an animated gif of a trash can action, I sometimes do this.

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