Delete via Data API

I’ve built an external script to add/remove entries from my Bubble database – adding new items works perfectly, but the delete is failing with a 401 status code (“Permission denied”)

I’m using an API token, which according to the documentation should have admin access, but it seems like the “Delete via API” permission is missing. I don’t currently have any privacy rules defined. I’m not using users in my app, do I still need to set up privacy rules, and how would I define them for this scenario?

The application is just a simple one page search with a map and no user account system, so I need unauthenticated users to be able to view data, but they won’t be creating or changing anything.

Advice/help appreciated!

I’m having the same trouble…
I can get and post, but not delete.

Also only get and post for me. No “delete”

Same problem here