Design import, how to use this?

I thought it was in development (announced in june 2020)

Go to your Figma settings and click on ‘Create a new personal access token’

Enter it into the ‘API’ key in your Bubble Settings. Then grab the file ID from the URL of one of your Figma files. This can be found from the URL.


This is the File ID:

Then click import.

After clicking import, Bubble will generate a new page containing your file.

Not sure why Bubble wouldn’t announce this??

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…because we, um, released it early on accident. We’re still testing and it might be pretty buggy; we’re going to hide it again shortly


Hahaha :joy:

I have a designer working on a page for me and would like to do beta testing for you guys. Let me know how I can be a part of it. :slight_smile:


Hi @josh, thank you for replying, I’m super new in the platform (less than 12h) and I thought

this cannot be the thing their announced 2 days ago :grin:, it would be awesome

Count me in for alpha testing please, as i will mainly use bubble server of business logic but im eager to work with outside designers .

P.S for future readers, the option is gone :cry:

@josh, would love to join the testing of this as I’m a UI/UX designer! :smiley:

Here’s the discussion: [Feedback requested] Bubblers who also use Figma. Send a note to @allenyang if you’re interested (no promises though, we may have enough initial testers already)

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