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Developing a new plugin

Hi all -

This is not a live project/job posting - I’m just posting out of curiosity at the moment.

I’m curious of roughly how much a plugin developer would charge / how many hours it would take to create a plugin for Balance? See this link:

It appears to be a new B2B eCommerce solution providing buyers the option of paying across all of card, ACH, wires & checks, and offers the ability for the seller to finance offering 30 day terms (so get the payment net of a fee as soon as the product/service is delivered and before 30 days). Looks like it could be a great plugin for B2B eCommerce & marketplace websites.

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Will depend a bit on what exactly you need the plugin to do, if it’s just a matter of connecting to their api that’s probably a couple hours worth of work. If you need custom elements or to bring part of their UI into bubble that’s much longer.