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Device ID Reader

Hello Bubblers!

Here’s a plugin I just created using the FingerPrintJS library. A hashed visitor identification is generated from browser attributes using the fingerprinting tool FingerprintJS. A fingerprint does not change even while the browser is in private or incognito mode, unlike cookies and local storage.


  • Build a unique ID or “fingerprint” of an individual
  • User Tracking

hello there. I have a question. Can I use as a unique device id identifier ? in other words it will be the same as long as the user is using the same webview app/ pwa? Thank you

Hey @mwika.eugene

As per the library, 1 ID will be unique to 1 device and 1 browser.
If you generate an ID on chrome and firefox on the same device, it will return 2 different IDs.

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Hello @Chakor ,
For info, it did not work for me, the ID is empty.
Linux Mint, Browser : Chromium and AdBlocker activated.
Have a nice day.

Hey @serge

Can you please share your editor so we can have a look?

Sorry, I uninstalled it and found another way to track audio on/off on specific devices/browsers.

This plugin is no longer working.