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Different colors on rows in repeating group

I´m trying to do the classic layout of a list with two different colors alternating the rows.
E.g white - grey - white - grey.

Any good ideas how to do this?

I’m not sure we have a good way to solve this. Let me think about it.

We just added 2 new features that will enable you to do this.



You guys are awesome!

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Hey guys, I can not figure out how to do this…

I would like even numbered cells to be 1 color and odd numbered cells to be a different color.

Would I do this in conditional? I can not find the Current cells index option…

@jordanfaucet take a look at my answer with screen shot here Alternating Colours on Repeating Group Rows
and see if you can figure ut out. Other wise get back and I´ll try to guide you.


@Kackur That did it! Thanks a bunch, that’s a great solution.

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