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Different database sources for new plans

Hi Bubble,

Something like this would be amazing to have on an enterprise level.


Or any level

I would argue the native Bubble DB (postgres) is engineered far too “hands-off” to be of any use for a custom DB implementation. The only benefit of a custom implementation USING BUBBLE’S DB FUNCTIONS AS-IS is to be able to API data out. Data manipulation at any level in Bubble’s DB format and proprietary data model using external CRUD would corrupt almost immediately. I’ve ETL’d the entire Bubble DB for our app and, even Bubble let you (they don’t), trying to perform CRUD manually would be a nightmare for relational integrity.

Instead, just stand up your own custom DB implementation of your choice of DBMS stack (which is essentially what this app, which I think is Wrappler, is all that it’s doing) and then dev your apps via the Bubble SQL API, completely bypassing Bubble’s native DB entirely. The only limitation is that the Bubble only allows 3 possible DBMS options at this time.

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Hello Jesse,

just my thought on this. You can overcome the current limitation with supported DBMS and also the effort with the Bubble SQL connector. You can use REST or GraphQL for all CRUD operations. They are solutions which do that for you.

Many greetings.


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Offcourse, built-in functionalities tend to work much better though. :wink: