Different search results on PC and smartphone

Hello the Community
has anyone encountered this problem before?

I send to a user an URL (inside a SMS = marketing message) which leads to a landing page and I add the user ID in the URL to personalize the landing page and the offers

sending format as an example :

on my PC, it gets me the ID, but neither on iPhone nor on Android

Does anyone have an idea please? very disabling!
Thanks !

Hey @jb.sockeel

Can you try setting the parameter key (i.e. “CI”) in lowercase letters?


Yes, I did it, but with the same result !

Keys are case sensitive, but as long as they are consistent between sending the data and receiving it, anything goes.

Have you checked the debugger to see whether you are you receiving the value for ‘Cl’? Because i suspect that you might be receiving the parameter, however privacy rules are hiding the User’s data. Are you logged in on your computer but logged out on the other devices?


ohhh ! you pointed the problem, nico ! if I sign out on the PC, it’s the same, I don’t get the datas ! I will have a look immediately on my private rules and see if it’s the point. Thanks ! I will write the answer anyway

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one more time !!! private rules were the Pb. Thanks !