Different Website vs Mobile Size & Pages

We currently have Bubble powered mobile apps (wrapped using GoNative.io). All designs / elements in use to date are exact to mobile size on Bubble dev pages.

We read this in documentation:
“If you want to have a radically different design for mobile, you can keep having a different page for a page. Just design another page and make this page the ‘mobile version’.” https://manual.bubble.is/building-a-user-interface/building-responsive-pages.html

To keep life simple going forward, we want to

  1. Use the same application (workflows, data)…

  2. Keep the existing pages (and they become the mobile version I guess)

  3. Have another version of every page in 2 above

  4. Mobile app will still pull the mobile sizes but website will display new (radically different designs and some extra elements / workflows etc)

A) Is the above possible?

B) How can we easily apply designs from a theme in the new web design pages? BUT those designs would not apply to the existing mobile pages.

C) Is this the simplest way to achieve what we’re trying to do?

Thanks for any insights!

Another option is to create two separate Bubble applications (one mobile optimized and one web optimized) and to use the Bubble App Connector to exchange data between them. (Where one acts as the primary database).

I can’t say that I have a solid recommendation between the two. Either one requires a non-trivial amount of work and has tradeoffs.

Regardless, I would recommend before embarking on either approach that you streamline, consolidate and ensure your feature set is as limited as possible. (Essentially what you’re doing is duplicating the amount of things that you have to rebuild/maintain. So the less you have to do that for, the easier the process).

Thanks Dan1… interesting option. We’re trying (if viable) to keep everything in one application for server costs / simplicity, but will check this out. Solid recommendations re features, cheers!

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I need advice to choose the right mobile format for my website. So about a few days ago I did a website redesign, check it out: http://under-the-open-sky.com. Can you test it out on mobile devices for me?

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