Direct Connection to Bubble Database


As we’re building our app, we’re running into more and more instances where we need direct database access to perform data maintenance that may involve large datasets and complexity like table joins, multi-col sorts, complex WHERE clauses, etc. We’re finding that the database UI is not up to the task. We need to be able to run SQL commands.

Is there a way to connect directly to our bubble database via connect string using a third-party workbench like SQL Workbench for Postgres?

If no, then we’re going to be forced to either abandon bubble db and connect our bubble front-end to our own hosted db or abandon bubble altogether.


You can use the SQL via the plugin…

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As far as I know, you can’t access the Bubble database directly through a third party workbench. However, I am a big fan of using Bubble for the front end and connecting to a SQL DB using the SQL connector.