Disable bouncing for a webview on mobile


Apparently webviews on mobile come with scrolling, in other words you can make the entire page bounce if you push it with your finger.

I would like to disable this, in order to have my bottom menu stable and not bouncing with the entire page

Any thoughts please?



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Maybe a floating group and make it float relatively to the bottom?

already tried it…i think it has nothing to do with the elements as it is related to the entire page…i think there is probably some code line that need to be added but i am not able to write them

here is what i found on stack: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/500761/stop-uiwebview-from-bouncing-vertically

Alright, out of my expertise, sorry

Hey @yanisbensalem, any resolution here? I’m having the same issue and I’d love to disable this bouncing.