Disable built-in progress bar?

Anyone know if it’s possible to disable Bubble’s built-in progress bar? I don’t mean simply change its appearance. I mean prevent the associated JS events and everything.

This post suggests there’s no officially documented or supported way to go about it, but since when has that stopped a plugin builder? :smirk: :crazy_face:

Sorry. I think this is this one that hide the progress bar

I think that the first Script should have this option. Maybe you can ask ZQ to add it?

Appreciate the reply, @Jici!

I did see those plugins, but neither seems to offer what I need. The first apparently just publishes a couple events which parallel the appearance/disappearance of Bubble’s built-in progress bar in the DOM. The second seems to be an “enhanced” version of Bubble’s own Progress Bar plugin (available when adding plugins to an app).


Thanks though.

Actually, this detect the bar and hide it.
You can also use the same color on the bar that you use for your page background.
But there’s no way for what I know actually to not activate it.

Not on the demo page. It simply triggers an event when the progress bar appears and disappears.

Yeah, if I just wanted to hide it, I could make it transparent. I need to disable it on a more fundamental level - not just change its appearance.

That’s what I’m thinking, although I recall seeing somewhere in the Bubble editor - perhaps related to workflows - an option to disable the progress bar, but I can’t find it now. That suggests the capability is there, but there’s no official “hook” provided by Bubble.

I mean in the progress bar plugin, you can choose to hide the one from bubble. I think that ZQ could add this feature to the first plugin


I know this is a very old topic but here is the solution in case it will be helpful for someone (I just successfully used it in one of my apps):

  1. Add an HTML element on the page where Bubble’s progress bar should be hidden
  2. Edit the HTML as follows:
    #nprogress { visibility: hidden; }

This will completely hide the progress bar


Great! It worked perfect. Thanks a lot for your advice!

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Great !