Disable or modify /version-test/ from production site

Hi there,
is there a way to disable or modify /version-test/ from production site?
Seems like anyone could type /version-test/ and get access to your test site. Can we restrict access to this in some way, either /version-someotherword/ or by ipaddress

If the person typing in the address of version-test doesnt have access to the editor, they dont access it.

Try testing this by navigating from a browser in which you are not logged into your Bubble account.

This is most definitely the case for ?debug_mode=true. This will not work in incognito
However this is not the case for /version-test/
mysite/versioin-test/ loads both in a normal browser window and in incognito


Perhaps there is a rule, condition or a setting that I need to configure in the app

You can password protect your version-test site (and other dev versions) so anyone who lands on the version-test site will not be able to access it without the password…

I suppose you could always add a redirect on the page (when isn’t live version is yes) to redirect users to the ‘live’ version of your app (perhaps with an additional user-based condition, such as Current User Role is not admin) instead…

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Thanks Adam - could’t quite get this one to work

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