Disable sidebar scrollbar

I would like to know if there is an option to disable the scroll vertically appearing from certain size.

Currently i have a floating left sidebar that is linked to both top and bottom, and is at length of the whole page. has fixed width but for some reason it shows a vertical scroll sidebar in certain screen sizes and i would like to disable it.


Set a hidden collapsible group as the bottommost element. Try setting it to touch the bottom border all the way up to your bottommost fg element.

All the elements in the fg should be stacked vertically and set to be collapsed when hidden. The point here is that you should make sure that not one combination of visible groups, when conditionally visible, is taller than your shortest planned viewport. Check common screen sizes and estimate your maximum page height when all vertically stacked visible groups are visible. I would say height of about 700-750 pixels.

Lastly, make sure that your fg really is pixel-perfect the same height as the page and set to float relatively to both (top and bottom)


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