Disappearing left margin


I was hoping to get some help with my website. The left margin is falling away and the text is disappearing on the left hand side:


Some of the other elements are responding just fine, and I’ve duplicated the same responsiveness settings but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks so much!


Hey there @a.smales,

How’s the alignment on the elements?

The text element is fixed center alignment and 20% minimum width, the group around the text and button is fixed width and fixed center alignment, the larger section group is the same. These settings are the same for both of the elements which is why it’s strange that they are responding differently.

When I put responsive to iphone size and show explanations this is the explanation for the text that isn’t holding the margin:

And this is the explanation for the one that looks right and isn’t losing its margin:

These both reference the text box itself, I’m not sure why the top one has 0px as the margin and this one has 20 px. Any thoughts?