Discussion style board

I’d like to create a discussion style board within my app––similar to Reddit or Facebook comments, although not as elaborate.

Users will see a topic of the day at the top, and underneath it they will be able to see a stream of other users’ comments. The comments only go one layer deep (so closer to Facebook than Reddit) and users will be able to “friend” each other by tapping through a comment blurb. At the bottom of the window, a user will be able to input their comment into an Input field, and send with an Icon button.

The topics will be fed into the board, one per day, from a spreadsheet full of topics, with a new topic every day, so the previous day’s topic and comments disappear. I’d love for the board topic to refresh and update itself every day at midnight automatically.

At the moment, the closest I’ve been able to guess at is having a multi-party Conversation with Messages from different Users openly visible within the app. Past that, I’m not sure about the “nuts and bolts” of it.

Can anyone point me to a reference source so I can learn how to put this together? I was not able to find anything through searching on Bubble.

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Bumping this up because I’m interested too!

@FM5656 Once you learn the ins and outs of Bubble there should be no problem building something like this.

There are many tutorials out there that helps you learn the basics and more advanced stuff of Bubble.