Dispatch a list into different item


I’m looking for an easy way to solve my problem :slight_smile:
I have a multiinput where users add email addresses and I’d like new [friends] to be created each one with one of the email adresses.

As far I dispatched the multiinput addresses in a RG a hidden RG but don’t know how to create new [friends] base on each new email addresses.

As a example:
User insert 5 emails address in the multiinput
I’d like 5 [friends] to be created, each of them with one of the 5 emails address

User insert

=> Creation of 5 [friends]

Friend / “a@a.com
Friend / “b@b.com

This video has helped me achieve this in the past:

I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

perfect, I got it!! Thx a lot :slight_smile: