Display a list, but only with the first element

Hello all !

I face some issue, this is about filtering and sorting. Maybe I’ll find someone to help.

I’ve a table “Users” and a table “calls”. Users are unique. There’re 1 or more calls for 1 user.

Each call have a “max date”, and a field for the user. Each user has a field for all his calls.
I need to display a list of calls, sorted by max date, but only the first one for each user (the next one, in term of dates), means if USER A have 2 calls, one on next monday and one in one month, I need to diplay only the call for monday.
I spent hours and hours without success.
If someone has an idea, it will be very nice to me !!! thanks

To display the first item by date, you’d do a search for callswith the relevant user as a constraint And :sort bythe max date field (assuming it’s a time stamp) and you’d specify :first item

Have you tried this already?

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Thanks for trying to help @jared.gibb

With this method, I can only display one call. What I need to do is displaying a list of calls, but just the first one for each user, and then sorting them by max date as:

User A Call on august, 17th
User B Call on august, 20th
User C Call on august, 30th
Etc etc

If there’s a call for User A on august, 21th, I will not display it

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What about

A RG eith all calls, sorted by max date

Each cel has a group with a conditional

If RG’s list of calls: through item number: this cells index contains this cells user, hide

This would sort them by date, and only show the earliest in the list for each user.

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I try but I don’t understand the "through item number: " what means throught there?

I can do
RG’list of Calls:item#Current cell’s index // but can’t add contains after it.

Sorry… hope you can clarify

This made me think about a trick I used in the past, creatin an hidden input (integrer) with initial content currentcell’sindex-1, so i can set up the conditionnal as

If current cell’s call’user is RG List of calls’ :item#HiddenInput’value’user then HIde this group

You made me think about this solution, by hiding instead of filtering the list in source !!! thanks you’re an angel @jared.gibb :heartbeat:


I see that I cannot count the element of the RG, it counts the hidden elements :confused:


You can tho still maybe.

Could you count the RG: lists’ users:unique elements
something like this
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 3.20.20 PM

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oh yes it is ok that way ! thanks for the learning @jared.gibb

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