Display Current Members Online

Anyone have any ideas on how to check and display a list for current members online in a repeating group?

I’ve attempted this using Javascript to try and gather the ACTUAL online user count by the second but almost always once you get past 10 or so active users Bubble starts to become unreliable tracking this way. I’m not sure what was causing all my problems but let’s just say I gave up trying to pull the actual online users. Instead, I now have a workflow that runs on page load where a change is made to the current user’s variable called last_seen, which equals the current datetime. This makes it very easy to query a list of users who’s last_seen datetime >= current time minus 5 minutes.


I’ve got a table called “user action audit” where I log actions the user takes as they interact with the app. It’s useful for activity metrics and troubleshooting problems.

If you had the same thing you could do something like a search for all actions in the last 5 minutes, user, unique values. That should give a list of all the users who are interacting with the app “right now”.