Display Custom state value in a pop-up

I have an RG, and one of its inputs is a custom dropdown list (working by custom state) but when I come to display the data in order to edit the RG, I can’t set the custom state to be equal to the existing value in the database, is there a way to solve that?

Ibam sorry not getting you need, can you elaborate what tou want to achieve and how trying to achieve it right now.

Custom state in RG cells are tricky.

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Thanks Baloshi,
when I create a new thing in the RG by the pop-up, one of the inputs in the pop-up is filled by the custom dropdown list (work by custom state), till here is ok. but when I want to edit the RG, I need to display the data in the pop-up. and I need to set the custom state to be the existing data that was created the first time, but when I try doing that, I got red color as in the attached photo which means there is something wrong.

Can you DM me you app link so i can take a view in it.

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My app is in Arabic language but all the workflows and elements’ names in English, so is that will be ok for you?

I understand little Arabic, :wink:

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what I asking is in the transaction page

You are giving a Option set at the place of a Text that why its giving an error. and your using a Focus group for dropdown, i suggest you use a dropdown , it will save you from lot of Workflows and make you app less complex.

yes, but that I can’t modify the colors of the dropdown to fit my web design

I solve the issue, kindly check it and confirm it, you are trying to set the currency category ( which is an option set) into another custom State. but from where you are trying to get the option set is only that OP display text,

so what I did, I search all OP and filter out only one which has an input display.

BUT I must say the way you building the app, brings more complicity

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now when your custom state is set, you can compare both and change the color. :wink:

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Thanks for your efforts bro, when I click the RG item, still shows me the default value for the custom state currency instead of the value of that transaction.

for my app, you are right. it needs a lot of work but this is the first time and I will try to fix it after I complete all features. :slightly_smiling_face:

i have share a meeting link in message let discuss it, maybe i be helpful to you, i have few minutes to spare. :smiley:

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Thank you so much Baloshi, It worked now. My Regards :+1:

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