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Display data from repeating group when an icon was clicked

Hello guys.

Im just wondering how can I display the repeating group data by a click of an icon.
please check the screenshot below:

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@felipevillanuevaiii welcome to the community!

Provided that the rg is of type user … so it is listing users … then when you click on an element inside the row you will see that you have “current cell’s user” as one of the options in your element property box. Make sure that your popup os of type “user” so that it can receive this type of data … a “user”. Then … after the row element is clicked use the “display data in a group” action, choose the popup, and send the “current cell’s user” :grinning:

Hello cmarchan. thank you for ur suggestion but what i see when I edit the icon workflow is a red warning sign as current cell’s Patient

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Then patient is the object that needs to be sent from the rg and received by the popup :grinning:

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yes. do i need to edit more info from the popup screen. Do u know why I get red squishy lines from the above screenshot is it normal?

red means the expression is not ready

blue means it is

… beware that you could have “ready” expressions that do not work even if they are blue

hi cmarchan,
have u solved this b4. Is this the correct on the popup screen display?


Seems that you may be using a template

Folks learning Bubble from a template are exposed to concepts that in a way resembles “getting to a second floor in one big jump with a trampoline instead of using a stair step by step”. Both ways are ok … just they should be mindful of what route they are taking.

The above popup is using “auto binding”.

Below a couple of videos that may help with your prior question and now one for the latest one :grinning:

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