Display Data Type created by Current User


I have a data type ‘X’ that Users are able to populate via a front end form

I am able to populate a list of ‘X’ type using a repeating group in a directory page. I’m also able to display a single ‘X’ type on it’s own page by creating a page ‘single_type_x’ and setting it’s type of content to ‘X’ , setting the Repeating Group in the directory type of content to ‘X’, and sending the data to a link to the ‘single_type_x’ page. That’s fine.

I want to display only a Single type ‘X’ that is created by the current user for the current user. I’ve created another page ‘user_single_type_x’ but even if I put everything in a group I cannot do a search for ‘X’ created by the current user. How can I do this?

Hi there, @philiphemme… it might be good if you can share some screenshots because you should be able to do a search for ‘X’ with a constraint where Created by = Current User. It’s hard to understand why you might not be able to do that, though, so again, screenshots would likely help.


Hi Mike, yes sure. See the attached. It says ‘Intro Text: Data source should be Seller Company but right now it is a List of Seller Companys’

I’m not sure how it is a list…

It’s a list because a search always returns a list. If you add the :first item operator to the end of the search expression, you should be good to go.

Ah great! That changes a lot of things for me. Thanks a lot!

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