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I’m trying to learn bubble and I’m wanted to build a simple chatgpt prompt builder.
People enter this form data and on submission it should total up all the fields and combine them into a prompt comma separated.
I think I added all the form fields correctly in the group as seen in the pic but I can’t get it to show.
Any guidance?

Hey @kensavage

You are almost there!
Short answer : get rid of “is not empty” from all these items. Just go with “MultilineInput 1 Context’s value, MultilineInput 2 Objective’s value,…” and you will be fine.
Note that you will have to type that “,” between each of these for it to show up. blue represents dynamic values, and white represents values that you have typed in.

Long Answer : Right now instead of getting the values, you are asking bubble a “yes or no” question. You are asking
MultilineInput 1 Context’s value is it not empty? Bubble says yes.
MultilineInput 2 Objective’s value is it not empty? Bubble again says yes.

Since all of these answers are yes, it combines them due to “and” and eventually returns Yes to you. Which is what you see in your prompt.

In programming AND/OR mean completely different than conversational english language.
Read Boolean operators to understand more. What Boolean Logic Is & How It’s Used In Programming

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You’re right. I was too quick to look for an answer and I didn’t think about the logic. I made your change and it works as intended now: PromptWhiz - Build Your Best Prompt

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