Display results based on user location


I am brand new to bubble. I’m playing around with an idea that would display the nearest gas station in a list (not map) with in 15km.

So when the user logs in to the app they set their current location. Afterwards they would only see what is with in 15km. How would this be achieved?

As of right now no matter where they set their location it will show every gastation in the database.

@arnold, welcome to Bubble!

To confirm, is the list of gas stations coming from data that you’ve uploaded or are they from Bubble’s geographic places search?

When you have your own data entries and format the field type as an “address”, then you have the ability to do restricted geographic searches by radius. (If they are uploaded as “text”, then you can’t create a geographically restricted search…at least not easily).

Otherwise, if you install Bubble’s “Google Places” plugin, you can do a geographically-limited search based on Google’s Places API search for a specific type of venue (ie. gas station).

For both cases, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with Bubble’s concept of current geographic position. Here’s a quick tutorial.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 120+ great Bubble tutorials + on-demand coaching for Bubble).

So Iv’e installed google places how would I define the search here is what I got so far 06%20PM

What must the count be greater than?.. we are dying to know!

My bad meant to be less than 15 km