Display specific info in a repeating group

When the first image is clicked, the GroupFocus with the different buildings shows.
When 1 of those pictures is clicked, the green GroupFocus shows.
I want in this green GroupFocus a repeating group with a “Listings” of only the buildings from that type.
How do I do this? The data is all correct, I just need to know how to display the different types precisely.

Thank you.

I’d use a state to save and display the value of the selected bulding.

  1. You can add a state on the page and link the data type to the same one you used in the building repeating group.

  2. Then add a workflow that saves the current row’s value to the state.

  3. Add a repeating group within the green focus group of the data type listings

  4. Add a constraint in the “search for” on listings and remember to tick ignore empty constraints.

If four is not an option I’d suggest adding a field in your “buildings” table with the data type of listings. To have something to connect the two.

Feel free to ask any questions or clarify if I misunderstood the problem.

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But then I’d have to set a state for all types of buildings and create a RG for each type?
And also how can I set a state for every single building if I can only do it for the first one in a RG?
Also if I do “set a state…” its with Y/N and it needs to be toggle function.

So for example when I click the icon “Apartment”, which is a “Real Estate Type” I want a repeating group shown, in a GroupFocus (toggle), with all the “Listings” that contain a Real Estate Type “Apartment”.
If I click on “Apartment Building” I want a GroupFocus to be toggled on with a repeating group in it that shows all Listings with a Real Estate Type “Apartment Building”.

Do you know the solution for this? Seems easy but I can’t seem to make it work.
The Group focus would make it so that the the previous Real Estate Type would disapear.

Is it possible that I can see how your database is structured?

Real Estate Type is an Option Set.

Atm i’m somewhere like this:

And then the constraint should be the clicked Real Estate Type.
But I can’t manage to do that…

Hii, I hope this helps.

In the UI Builder I replicated something similar. The top repeating group is populated directly from the option set.

The second repeating group is populated from the table below.
data structure

I then set up a workflow that when the image is clicked it saves the current cells value to a state.
The state looks like such.

You then add a similar contraint as below and now with a tad more context I see that you should have ignore empty constraints unchecked.

I’d recommend utilizing a custom state here.

Let me go a little further:

When a user clicks the group in the first repeating group, you’ll want to set state of an element. I’d recommend creating a whole new element somewhere that is hidden, with a name that is easily findable in case you need to modify it later. Some people put #in front of the name to indicate it has custom states. Thats on you to find what works for you.

Then, in your search in the second repeating group, you can do where Real-Estate Type = [Element]'s Real-Estate Type.

I was typing this out as I saw @caseys response, so I suppose I just echo their solve method, and would recommend you follow their steps.

Doesnt work atm…
How can this be so hard.

What am I doing wrong?
Nothing happens when I click the level 2 image.

Doesnt work atm…
How can this be so hard.

What am I doing wrong?
Nothing happens when I click the level 2 image.


Hi, You need to add info in your data source and give it a constraint of your states value (Repeating group level 3)