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Displaying a list of connections in a repeating group

Hello everyone, this is my first post!

I’m hoping someone can help as I think it should be an easy fix but it’s making my head hurt…

I have a number of Users in a database and they can ‘connect’ to one another.

What I want to do then is show in a profile view who an invididual is connected to.

However, my repeating group shows all the first name (for example) in each row, rather than a unique one in each row.

In terms of the steps I’ve taken…

Then in the text box in the repeating group…

However what I end up with is…


But I can’t get Dan, George etc to each be on their own line!

Am I missing something really obvious?

Thanks in advance!!

What you’re trying to do is actually a little trickier than you think. Try this article

Thanks, I tried that link but I couldn’t get his fix to work.

I’ve found another thread which has an answer that seems to work, though I don’t actually know why it works!

Repeating Group:

Text box:

Gives the right list:


Oh. I misread what you were trying to do. I thought you wanted a list of all users and all of their connections. Didn’t realize that you just wanted to show one user and all of their connections.

The solution that you have works as in each cell of the RG, the index increments up by one. So, when you have a cell that outputs “User’s connections’ First name” it will show all the connections as your first screenshot had previously shown. But when you add “:item #current cell’s index” it looks through that list for the item number of that particular cell.

For example, your list is Dan (item number 1), George (item number 2), Gareth (item number 3)… so in cell one, the index will be one so the item number it pulls will be the first item (i.e. Dan) and so on

I see - it seems to be limiting how many I can see though… I’m connecting with more profiles but it doesn’t seem to be adding them when I refresh the repeating group. Is that anything to do with indexing?

Repeating them by how many? 4? You are currently set to 4 rows based on the screenshot you have sent. Play around with that number and also the layout style

Limiting* not repeating

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