Displaying a SQL Query

I am trying to display records from a cloud based database on a bubble page.

  • I have connected the SQL Connector to the database and when I run the query there the first 200 records display
  • I am unable to find information on how to display that info on a bubble webpage.
  • I have found some instructions but they seem to be for older versions of bubble or older versions of the SQL Connector as they reference things that aren’t there in the connector
    Can someone either provide instructions or point me to accurate documentation on how to achieve this?

Hey :wave: @erigsby

I don’t see a clear explanation of this in the documentation. Data Sources - Bubble Docs

For the data source, of your repeating group, use Get data from an external API and then choose your SQL database from the list. Add parameters in the SQL connector for them to be dynamic from the front end.

Does that make sense?

Thank you very much for the help but I am still having some trouble.
My db querry in the SQL Connector is called db_select_query and I added that as an api connection but I still didn’t have any records.
I read through the docs that you linked and couldn’t figure out what might still be missing.
I assume I need to pick a datatype? (This is my first time using bubble… are there other things that you assumed I did but maybe I didn’t and the instructions aren’t clear on that either?)
So I have a custom datatype that is called db_record and I added a single column as a text field (called customer) and didn’t select multiple (if it is shows as customer (NVarChar) in the query test do I need it all or can I just call it customer).
After adding the api_connection, when I select this datatype, I get “RepeatingGroup db_record: Data source should be List of db_records but right now it is a List of db_select_querys” trying it as other options doesn’t seem to help either but maybe I picked the wrong option?

Hmm :thinking: Do you have any records in your database yet? Maybe you haven’t created the record yet? Did you see the data source for the repeating group yet?