Displaying data from the result of a custom event from a reusable element

I have a workflow that I wanted to reuse for multiple buttons in my app. To do this, I created a custom event in a reusable element as described here.

The workflow in the reusable element creates a new Thing, and then I want to display that Thing in a group.

The issue that I’m having is that when I go to choose the “Data to display”, there is no option to get the result of the previous step. Here are the options that I have: image

Here are the options that I have when instead of using a custom event in the previous step, I put the actions directly in the workflow.

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add your workflow screenshots, this will help to analyse the workflow style

I have the same issue with custom events.
It looks like they cannot output a result.

You’ll most likely need to store the value to a custom state on the reusable event. Then, use a Do When Condition is True workflow event on the page to trigger something else when that state’s value is not empty.

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