Displaying grouped data on chart

I am having trouble grouping a data type by a field from another data type.

Let me explain, I have:

Assessments data with category, version fields
Question data with assessment field
Answer data with question field

Answer’s > Question’s > Assessment’s > Version

I want to group the answers by the assessment version and display that in a chart. It seems that the chart will not let me group by the Question’s Assessments’ Version, I can only group by the Question “Exact”.

I wanted to provide as much info in order to make it easy for anyone gracious enough to stop by and lend a hand. Please login and take a look at the dashboard page under repeating group student.

Hope the link below takes you to the editor

From the “Student” view, you can select a student form the dropdown, and the table below will show the scores per assessment version. I only populated scores for the version A of the assessments, all the others will show 0.

In the chart below the table I want to show for example the count of 3 assessments. CVC version A, B and C. So the bar chart will have 3 bars.

Is that something we can do with the native functionality?
I want to minimize the plugins I use, but if the only way is to install additional functionality please let me know.

You need to use advanced filters for this. After your “Search for Students” on the repeating group, add a “:filtered” and then type in advanced and that should remove the presets so you can filter by the Answer’s Questions’ Assessment’s version.

does advance filters work on charts? I couldn’t get it to work :frowning:
Also, I am trying to group answers, which are associated with students but I’m only showing 1 student at a time via a dropdown, so I have that part already working by “search for Answers” then set the student = dropdown student.
If you would rephrase your answer please, ty.

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