Displaying Search result occurences in a text element content


i would like to display a text element (containing several lines) with the following functionnality :
i’d like to highlight all the occurences of an expression in the text as do any search tool within a text editor.

I was planing to use some regexp remplace and inserting bbcode in remplacement before displaying.

Any other idea ?

Thanks for your help

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Hey @gmaison

I am very interested in this also. A quick search online found these two plugins.

Word Highlighter
Highlight Text

Im not sure if its possible without any custom coding but I am commenting to A) show you these plugins incase you havent seen them & B) follow this. lol. :+1:

EDIT: I have not tried any of these two plugins. Havent really had the need but it does sound interesting to add to search fields

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