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Distance Search based off Lat/Long

Is this possible? I’m building an app where a user can search for business at airports based off distance. I have the Lat & Longs of each airport that I would like to use rather than the actual address. Is this possible?

I’ve found that I can somehow use Lat & long with the ‘calculate formula’ but can’t really figure out how to utilize this in a distance search.

If possible i’d also like to display the results on maps.



I have done this on my app to search for things within x miles or kms.

Yea I know how to do that, but i’m trying to figure out how to use the Lat & Long values that are in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

Try the Google API Plugin. You can use it with lat and long

Ok cool. I’m sure that works and have been playing with it, but can’t seem to get it to work. What I’m trying to do is this

Data Types

Need a repeating group search for airplanes that are ‘x’ miles away from the city the user will input. The airplane is associated with the Company, and the company is associated with an airport. My first problem is making the connection from airplane, through company to airport to grab the Lat/Longs.

Second is being able to use the lat longs as locations. I’ve tried just doing a search for airports just to test the feature but I can’t seem to get bubble to use the lat/longs in anything.

Heres a link

reference the ‘search_results’ page