Do a search for - address country/city filter

What is the best way to count addressess from the database that have UK as a country.
What makes it difficult for me is that I have no operator on database element, only on the reference element. So I cannot extract country out of db address.

So not sure how to work with this - what should be the constrain?
As I have put arbitrary text United Kingdom but 99% sure it won’t work :slight_smile:

change your DB to store country as a separate field and add a DB trigger for all new addresses to extract the country from the raw unformatted address using regex or a built in bubble formatter (based on how the raw address is coming in)

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I did a workaround, I can share.
Did a search - where found a point in UK (Clatteringshaws Loch), which when having 600 km range, filters only UK addressess (and some Ireland, but that doesn’t matter for me). So by this solution I now have a UK Country filter from the address. Not perfect, but in this case scenario it works.
Sharing as a cool idea :slight_smile: