Do a Search for item until# not working

Hello !
Here is the problem :
Maybe some of you have also found that the function Do a Search for “item until#” does not work properly.
Indeed, it is supposed to load only the X items we asked for but instead, it loads all the data of a repeating group and then shows only the X items we asked for.
This cause trouble when you have a RP with thousand of data, you can think it will improve loading speed but it does not change anything.

I wonder if there is any way to really load a trunk of the data, let say first 50 items ?
I can easily add a button to load more data at the end of the RP but I need to load only a part of the items when page loads.

Any advice ?

Thank you

Have you used any additional operations on your search e.g. :count or have you sorted the list?

Bubble is usually smart enough to only load data it needs, however some operations force it to load all data.

No additional opération. It seems indeed that “items until #” forces Bubble to load all the items, and then select those we asked to see.
What comes after the “search for” is processed on page and not on server.

So if you have 1000 items and you Search for items until 200, Bubble loads the 1000 items and then display the 200 you want.

So I wonder if there is a creative way to load only the 200 items I want.


Hello @Joel549

I suspect you nailed it. Maybe the number that is calculated on the page is not loading on the expression on time.

Figure out a way to reliable deliver that dynamic number to the expression.

I am trying to integrate the number I want when page loads inside the “search for” but no idea how to formulate this.

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